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Our Qualifications

Morris Nutt created Morris Nutt Financial, an independent advisory firm in 2002, with aspiration of being the preeminent provider of financial planning. Morris’s entrepreneurial drive and the desire to build a legacy were the main reasons for his move in starting an independent financial services firm.

In 2014, Morris began earnestly searching for the ideal financial planning model of the future: One where investors were more in control of their financial futures working alongside the guiding hand of their supportive Financial Advisor. Thus, the seeds were sown and what started as a mere vision morphed into reality in May of 2016 as the debut of Trinity Capital Management, LLC burst onto the scene. With a fresh team and new investment philosophy, Morris decided to join the fastest growing division at Raymond James: The Investor Advisor Division and Custody and Clearing Division and affiliate the firm with Kingswood Capital Partners, LLC. Our team feels that the highest true Fiduciary title is to be a Registered Investment Advisor and in September of 2017, the SEC approved our firm of this title. For our investors and team, the transition provided the ability to use leveraged products and alternative investments to add tailored additional diversification options for our loyal investors. 

Trinity Capital Management is comprised of World Class team members unified in their vision to deliver World Class service in three main focus areas:

World Class Service

World Class Communication

World Class Investment Models

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