Our Qualifications

Morris Nutt created Trinity Capital Management, an independent firm in 2003, with the aspiration of being the preeminent provider of financial planning. Morris’ entrepreneurial drive and the desire to build a legacy were the main reasons for his move in starting an independent financial services firm.

The independent Raymond James investment platform was selected by Morris and his team because it offered and currently offers the most attractive combination of freedom to conduct business as he originally envisioned coupled with the back office support, professional investment research, and name recognition of Raymond James.

In 2014, Morris began earnestly searching for the ideal financial planning model of the future: one where investors were more in control of their financial futures working alongside the guiding hand of their supportive financial advisors.

Thus, the seeds were sown and what started as a mere vision morphed into reality in May of 2016, as the debut of Trinity Capital Management, LLC burst into the scene. In 2019 we opened an office in Beavercreek, Ohio and began serving clients in the Dayton area and affiliated with Charles Schwab as an additional custodian offering for our valued clients.